New Gemini ♊️ to Cancer ♋️ Moon 🌑: giving attention to social conditions

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Balsamic to New Taurus ♉️ to Gemini ♊️ Moon 🌘to🌑: planning for the future

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Balsamic ♉️ Moon 🌘: seeing situations with greater clarity

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Balsamic Aries ♈️ to ♉️ Moon 🌘: considering how we humans have used Mother Nature

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Balsamic Aries ♈️ Moon 🌘: exploring lofty goals

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Last Quarter Aries ♈️ to Balsamic Moon 🌗to🌘: resonating with ideas and people

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Martin Goldsmith joins Merrylin to discuss the lunation beginning May 19, 2023.

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