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Last Quarter Pisces ♓️ MoonπŸŒ—: shifting our perceptions of our personal lives 

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Disseminating to Last Quarter Aquarius ♒️ to Pisces ♓️ Moon πŸŒ–toπŸŒ—: understanding and focusing on personal goals

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Disseminating Aquarius ♒️ Moon πŸŒ–: pursuing insights

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Disseminating Capricorn ♑️ to Aquarius ♒️ Moon πŸŒ–: completing something

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Disseminating Capricorn ♑️ Moon πŸŒ–: attending to situations

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Full Sagittarius ♐️ to Capricorn ♑️ to Disseminating Moon πŸŒ• to πŸŒ–: being positive about current gains

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