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Merrylin LeBlanc talks about the soul year and the Moon cycle that begins on May 10th with a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus.

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Merrylin LeBlanc talks about the passing of astrologer Valorie Hutt, sharing passages from her work on animal correlations to planets in zodiac signs, as well as the significance of eclipses.

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Merrylin LeBlanc and Jason Holley talk about the nature of eclipses and particularly the lunar eclipse on April 25. 

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Merrylin LeBlanc and Michael Bartlett talk about planetary movements this week: Pluto retrograde, Mercury in Aries, Venus, Sun, and Mars in Taurus.  The Sun and Mars begin a new cycle on Wednesday

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Merrylin LeBlanc talks about the Aries energy and the New Moon on April 10th and the cycle it begins and its place in the soul year.  The theme of this cycle is jumping into a new activity.

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In April Venus and Mars begin a new cycle of relating to love, desire, giving and taking in the sometimes volatile and always fresh, like new, sign of Aries.  Atma Devi and Jason Holley discuss the mythological Venus and Mars and their correspondence to these times.

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Merrylin LeBlanc talks about the connections of Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto this week: leadership, abuse, sexuality, and activism

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This is a fund raising show with astrologers Erin Sullivan and Atma Devi talking about the Spring equinox and the election of a new Pope.  Erin compares the chart of Francis I with that of the Dalai Lama.

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Merrylin LeBlanc talks about the New Moon on March 11th and the full Moon on March 27th.  The theme of this cycle is bringing in seed ideas and how one resonates with them from a past perspective.

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Merrylin LeBlanc talks about Venus and Mercury with Chiron in Pisces.  The emphasis this week is on the feminine and her sense of wholeness along with soul links.

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